Tour de Taiwan

One of the best countries to cycle in the world! Safe, scenic, convenient and friendly!

The external link takes you to a good blog on cycling in Taiwan with lots of photos.

See below for my own itinerary:

Mar 20:

820am: checking in for the 9am flight from HK to Kaohsiung, was almost denied entry for being late!

1038am: touch down at kaohsiung

1045am: passed customs! Smooth as silk!

1128am: talked to super friendly tourist centre girls and now on my way fully loaded with maps, booklets and a touched heart!

1206pm: checked into hotel at city centre! Had lunch at small street side place next door

155pm: rented a bike!

546pm: back to hotel after a city tour on bike… Then dinner at liuhe night market

1130pm: try to sleep, woken up 3 times by mosquitos…

Mar 21:

7am: wake up!

8am: on the way!

1130am: enters city centre of tainan! Had lunch at a nice little alley opposit Kong miao

1240pm: leave for chiayi… Got lost and wasted 30min or so…

540pm: ARRIVE CHIAYI, FINALLY! 130km… Dinner at a high end 烤肉 place, pretty good…

Super sunny…

Mar 22:

9am: on the way!

1009am: get to da lin

130pm: big lunch at beidou, really nice place!

4pm to 530pm: rest and making some calls.

630: city centre of changhua!

Super windy today…

Mar 23:

838am: departed!

240pm: quick lunch at tongxiao for 20min

440pm: knackered, rest at a temple

6pm: houlong… Another cold n windy day… Dumplings for dinner

8pm: amazing Thai massage… Only shop at houlong

Mar 24

730: struggled to get up, congzhuaping for breakfast

830: chu fa!

1207am: hsinchu

5pm: arrive taoyuan!

Mar 25

930am: on the way to Taipei!

1130am: arrived at Taipei ximending!

1pm: meet with friends for lunch

4pm: nap at hotel…

630pm: cafe

830pm: dinner and drinks with friends

Mar 26:

830am: departure

Noon: stopped at keelung due to heavy rain… Long lunch followed by movie…

Mar 27

934am: train to badu

~945am: arrive at badu

1115am: train to suao new

~130pm: arrive, have lunch

409pm: train to hualian arrive around 530pm

Mar 28

11am: rain finally stopped!! Get ready for the road

5pm: arrive at a min Su near Chang bin, love it! Most scenic ride so far!

Mar 29

830am: head towards tai dong!

1230pm: lunch at dulan, 9km from taidong

430pm: get to jinlun hotspring

Mar 30

805am: depart

1pm: back to west coast again!

617pm: back to kaohsiung hotel… Finish!!


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