TransEurope cycling

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Here is an interesting example of, quoting the blog, “a corporate

ladder kind-of-guy looking for more out of life than, well, just

climbing a corporate ladder.”

See below for some background of the person and click link to see

the full sotry!

“This blog will chronicle the expeditions of an extended

sabbatical: cycling solo across Europe, climbing Kilimanjaro,

and venturing to Antarctica with family in tow. But this blog

promises to be much more than a travelogue. It will also

chronicle a personal journey as I jump from the corporate ladder

into the deep end, and then work hard — probably very hard – to

re-enter the corporate world a little later and perhaps a little

wiser. Along the way this blog will also highlight my passions

of supporting Asian children charities and promoting

environmental awareness. All of these adventures will be

wrapped in a prevailing effort to enrich and enliven my family


This journey may be bumpy at times, but I promise to keep it

real. Fasten your seatbelts.

About Me

Hong Kong is home. I have lived and traveled extensively in Asia

for 20 years. Fatherhood is my greatest joy. Beyond fatherhood

I am a hard-core adventure traveller and avid cyclist. My

travels have taken me to nearly 100 countries, many off beat and

out-of-bounds (North Korea, Bhutan, Cuba, Kowloon). My cycling

has transported me to several continents and across thousands of


For 17 years I worked in the television industry in Asia for a

major Hollywood studio, serving in a number of roles and helping

to entertain a continent. I could not have asked for a better

employer, a more exciting and rewarding career, and terrifically

smart and capable executives to work with on a daily basis.

When I joined the studio as a freshly minted Columbia MBA I never

imagined that job would take me so far, literally and

figuratively. It has been a thrilling career, but over time I

began to develop a yearning for more than just a thrilling

career. Call it the effects of fatherhood or a classical mid-

life crisis.

Last summer I cycled coast-to-coast across the United States on

behalf of the children’s charity, A New Day Cambodia. Cycling

3,700 miles and raising over US$37,000 in the process was an

epic, life-shifting experience. The hardest part about cycling

across America was stopping. But after pedalling from the

Pacific to the Atlantic in 50 days, geography, family, and a job

in Hong Kong required wheels up. (See: TransAmerica 2010


Fast forward to March 2011. I announced my departure from my

long-time employer, and so begins this new journey. The rest

of my life began on April 16.

In thinking about all the possibilities for this extended

sabbatical, several things resonated. After cycling across the

USA, I developed a strong desire to ultimately circumnavigate

the planet on two wheels. So this cycling trip across Europe is

part of a bigger mission. I also feel compelled to pedal with a

purpose, and will support Yaowawit, a very deserving Thai

children’s charity located in Phang Nga, Thailand, during this

ride. I have a deep connection to Phang Nga, and also share a

connection with Yaowawit through my son’s school in Hong Kong.

Sometimes the planets align neatly, as they did when I discovered


I will also leverage my cycling expedition to create noise around

climate change and the need for individual action [see: Go

Green]. While cycling is very important to me, I also want to do

more during this sabbatical than just ride a bike. The journey

to Antarctica in particular addresses an aspiration I have

maintained for many years, and also highlights the global warming

message. Plus it coincides with the centennial of the

Scott/Wilson expedition to the South Pole. All of these

experiences will provide rich material, I hope, for a work-in-

progress book about life’s adventures and work-life balance.

Living in Asia has created a strong sense of

gratitude…..gratitude that I have the energy and the means for

an epic journey. Gratitude to my family and the many friends and

industry colleagues that are helping me in big and small ways on

this journey. Gratitude at the chance to pedal with a purpose on

a cause for which I truly want to go the distance. Thank you


And thank you, reader, for your interest in this endeavour. I

hope you enjoy this journey. As Indiana Jones put it best: “It

ain’t the age, babe. It’s the mileage.”

Todd Miller”

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