Hardcore soul searching books

Mere Christianity
by C.S. Lewis

Don’t be fooled by the name, this book is not just for Christians. In fact, I think it’s even more for non-Christians.

The author takes baby steps to reason out why the whole idea of religion, in a very easy-to-understand manner. No jargon, just layman’s words.

It is one of the best books, if not the best book, I’ve read in the past year.

Many people say that it is this book which turned them into believing Christianity.


A good entry level book on Buddhism, although it’s better to read it after some elementary knowledge of Buddhism. Suggest to read after watching 和谐拯救危机.

从康德到朱熹 – 白鹿洞讲演录
by 朱高正

<< Mere Christianity >> to Christianity is like <<和谐拯救危机>> to Buddhism, and this is the book for Confucianism, and much more!

The author is the decedent of 朱熹, from Taiwan, with PhD in Philosophy from Germany specializing in Immanuel Kant.

A very good introduction to Confucianism, even for those who know very little about it. It’s very easy to read as it is based on lectures given by the author.

Basic Christianity
by John Stott

“This book has introduced more people to Christ than any other book i know except the Bible.”

Another solid book on the introduction to Christianity. More structured and concise than Mere Christianity, but lacks the appeal non-believers as it dives right into the religion. Suggest reading Mere Christianity first.

by 张尚仁

A good intro book into Taoism, perhaps a good step stone before you read 道德经 or 庄子 directly.

What I find particularly impressive about the book is its unassuming tone. It feels like the author is discussing an issue with you as peers rather than trying to force something onto you as an authority. I find it quite rare in books of such nature.

by 詠給•明就仁波切

Another good book on Buddhism and mediation. Better to read it after some basic knowledge of Buddhism.

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