Great entertainment and time-killers

Star Wars

This does not need an introduction.

Other than watching the 6 episodes of Star Wars back-to-back, what other better pass times could there possibly be in a life-after-banking??

Worth noting though is the startling similarities between the Jedi philosophy and Buddhism. In fact, the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, stated that his religion was “Buddhist Methodist”.


If you haven’t heard of it, it’s because this happened before you were born.

A great detective series from the good old days when a detective could rely on nothing but his wits to not only solve crimes, but also prove who did it without any modern technology.

A classic.

Japanese movies

This is a good FT article with a list of some of the best Japanese movies – the real Japanese movies and not the stereotypical horror/sex types.


Touching beyond measure
Full of wisdom
Good for the soul
Highly recommend to everybody, especially the soul searchers and those with disabled friends and family.


If you liked 天道, you will also like this. It was based on a novel by the same author written years before 天道, but the style is similar. Very realistic.

… and i’m not promoting it just because all the heroes in these series are unemployed 😛


This show needs no introduction. Ideal for one of the first weeks after quitting when you want to just lie on your couch at home and do absolutely nothing…

Modern Family

One of the best comedy shows of recent years!

Boston Legal

Another addictive, smart show, good for relaxing…

West Wing

My favorite TV series of ALL TIME. Watched every episode of the first few seasons over 30 times…

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