Welcome to Life-After-Banking.com (aka LAB)!

The idea for this site came to me soon after quitting my job. Never did I realize there were so many other people just like me, who are taking a break from their careers in search of a more meaningful life.

With so much time at hand all of a sudden, one wonders what the most efficient use should be. This site helps to provide some information about what others have experienced in their journey.

The information is divided into the following categories, which you can also easily navigate with the panel on the right.

1. Exclusive Interviews: Stories of real people who have left their jobs in pursuit of their dreams

2. Interesting Articles: News articles and inspiring pieces written by others

3. Books: Books I would recommend in LAB

4. Movies and TV series: Stuff worth watching

5. Travel: Tips for places you may want to visit

6. Courses: Why not use this time to learn something new?

7. Startups: Some say this is the new banking!

8. 原创: Some personal thoughts perhaps not specifically about LAB, but life in general

Hope you find inspirations from this site and also make your own contributions to others!

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