You and Your Research by Richard Hamming You know sometimes you read or watch something, and 3 minutes into it you say to yourself, 'WOW', and by the time you finish it you say to yourself, "WOWOWOW"? well, this is one of those.   It's long but worth every minute of your time. There is so much wisdom in there I … Continue reading You and Your Research by Richard Hamming

Grads: Skip the Bank Job, Join a Startup By Ezra Klein June 14 (Bloomberg) -- Dartmouth College has four valedictorians this year: Wills Begor, Glynnis Kearney, David Rogg and Jie Zhong. They are impressive kids. All have stratospheric GPAs. Most pulled off two majors and a minor. One developed a new social networking platform for the iPhone. So what are they doing … Continue reading Grads: Skip the Bank Job, Join a Startup

The Moment I Became An Entrepreneur     "One day many years from now all that you will be able to do is think about the terrifying decisions you made and how they define who you are. The worst pain you can have is the feeling you get when you know that you knew what you wanted to do, but … Continue reading The Moment I Became An Entrepreneur

Life After Investment Banking   OK, his experience is not exactly the same as yours perhaps, but more or less everyone in banking can find something in here that you can resonate with. Click on external link to see full text. "Like a majority of people who are on this website, I used to come on here and … Continue reading Life After Investment Banking

Great entertainment and time-killers

Star Wars This does not need an introduction. Other than watching the 6 episodes of Star Wars back-to-back, what other better pass times could there possibly be in a life-after-banking?? Worth noting though is the startling similarities between the Jedi philosophy and Buddhism. In fact, the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, stated that … Continue reading Great entertainment and time-killers

Videos for soul searching

和谐拯救危机 The best introduction to Buddhism thinking. No prior knowledge required. 天道 这是一部神奇的电视剧。 平凡甚至粗糙的外表下有着高深的灵魂。 以商战为主线,涵盖宗教文化、法律、警匪多方面内容。 绝对不俗。 了凡四训 This is a series of lectures given by master 净空. Again, it's not purely about Buddhism, but more about finding out life's purpose in general. A good introduction to Chinese traditional culture represented by 儒释道. … Continue reading Videos for soul searching