Meditation vacation

Meditation vacation

Wheel of Dhamma

A ‘must’ for those living the life after banking and looking for the soul.

Excerpt: “The guru looked troubled. A spry 75-year-old, who could have passed for 60, he usually wore an expression as pure as his ivory robe. Peering into my cell, he watched as I wept harder than I could remember, for a reason my mind could not fathom. Then he beamed. “You are very lucky,” he said. “This is a very big sankaraleaving your body – perhaps it was an illness that even a doctor could not cure.”….



The Himachal Vipassana Centre ( runs regular 10-day meditation courses. Accommodation, instruction and food are free; participants are asked to donate what they deem fit at the end. Courses also take place around the world, with 10 centres in North America, for example. See for details

Taiwan centre:
Hong Kong centre:
China centre:



Thai boxing

Thai boxing

For beginners who want a taste of it, The Ring in Central offers 1-hour trial sessions for 150 HKD – Quite a good work out! You need to call them to book an appointment first.

For hardcore fighters looking for month-long training camps:

The muay thai gyms –

Chiang Mai:

Cost Comp

Lion Muay Thai
– 1 month regular training and Single Deluxe Bungalow: baht17,000 (US$537)

Tiger Muay Thai
– 1 month regular training: baht 10,000 (paypal: 9,500) (US$300)
– 3 month regular training: baht 27,000 (paypal: 24,500) (US$771)
– 1 month regular training + singe daily prive: baht 23,500 (paypal: baht 23,000) (US$725)
– 1 month accomodation (deluxe gym bungalow): baht 14,000
– 1 month meal plan: baht 9,000
– 1 private: baht 600, 10 private: baht 5,500

Rawai Muay Thai
– 1 month regular training: baht 10,000
– 1 private: baht 600
– 1 month accomodation (shared bungalow with AC): baht 10,000

Team Quest
– 1 month regular training: baht 9,000
– 1 private: baht 600
– 10 private: baht 5,000
– 1 month accommodation (superior room service apt): baht 11,000

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a fun, intelligent and cool sport 🙂

The course described in the external link is hosted by the Hong Kong Mountaineering Training Centre. It’s a all-day class that teaches you all the basics for HK$350. At the end of the day, you will receive a Level 1 certificate from China Hong Kong Mountaineering and Climbing Union.

For a list of climbing walls available in Hong Kong, check out:

The only one on HK island seems to be the Da Verm Gym in Sheung Wan, where you can go straight to climbing for a membership fee (HKD$100) and a day-pass (HKD$120). Check it out at: 

You will see that also offers a wealth of information on climbing real rocks in the wild.

Some suggestions from a climber:

“The good things about rock climbing is you will get very very strong forearms and you can think fast. The bad thing is the skin on all your finger-tips will, after long time practice, become very rough, like a file (like sand paper rough).”

Animal Communication

Animal Communication

Want to learn something truly unique and original? How about learn to talk to animals?!

Meet Rosina the Animal Communicator who can teach you to talk to your pet!

Click external click for details. A taste of what you will learn:

Workshop Content:

Foundation Level 1 Part A will cover:

– Clearing Blockages
– Grounding
– Opening you to intuitive impressions
– Telepathic abilities and
– Connecting with your Animals
– Essences of Animals
– Code of Ethics

You Will Need:
1. A photo of your pet
2. A note book
3. Something you use with your pet ( lead, collar, etc )

Foundation Level 1 Part B will cover:

– Homework
– Revision
– Meditation
– Case studies
– Solving Problems
– Animals who have left the planet
– Use of crystals for animals

You Will Need:
Item 1-3 from Level 1 Part A plus
4. A photo of a pet that has died ( if you have lost a pet )



Hong Kong is a great place to learn the art of sailing!

Introductory courses for small boats (Dinghy) take 5 days, and you will obtain the Hong Kong Sailing Federation (HKSF) licence Level 1 & 2 at the end of it. It allows you to hire boats from government facilities in Hong Kong.

The HKSF website has a list of Recognized Teaching Centres in HK, and also other useful info on the scheme:

The top 3 clubs are probably the best:
– Hebe Haven Yacht Club:
– Aberdeen Boat Club:
– Royal HK Yacht Club:

The course costs around  3000-4000 HKD, depending on which club you go with. I have heard that the government also offers cheaper sailing courses to HK citizens.

If your interest lies with bigger boats, here is a good place to do it:


Wakeboarding is one of the best things HK has to offer! 2 hours should be enough to introduce you to this fantastic sport. Cost is usually HKD 800 per hour per boat, each boat can take 4-6 people (although 4 is optimal for 2 hours)

Contacts of wakeboarding places in HK:

Jim / Tai Tam / Mobile:  9201 2995
Frankie / Tai Tam / Mobile:  9454 5772
Ben / Repulse Bay / Mobile:  9644 1943
Kit / Sai Kong / Mobile:  9772 2088