Great entertainment and time-killers

Star Wars This does not need an introduction. Other than watching the 6 episodes of Star Wars back-to-back, what other better pass times could there possibly be in a life-after-banking?? Worth noting though is the startling similarities between the Jedi philosophy and Buddhism. In fact, the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, stated that … Continue reading Great entertainment and time-killers

Videos for soul searching

和谐拯救危机 The best introduction to Buddhism thinking. No prior knowledge required. 天道 这是一部神奇的电视剧。 平凡甚至粗糙的外表下有着高深的灵魂。 以商战为主线,涵盖宗教文化、法律、警匪多方面内容。 绝对不俗。 了凡四训 This is a series of lectures given by master 净空. Again, it's not purely about Buddhism, but more about finding out life's purpose in general. A good introduction to Chinese traditional culture represented by 儒释道. … Continue reading Videos for soul searching