Martial Art and Travel – Do something ordinary! This is a site with stories about and written by Josh, somebody LAB 'interviewed' a year ago (see article here) just before his year-long journey around the world. Get ready to be inspired! See below for some highlights: How to take one year off with minimal interruption to your life and my story! Ask … Continue reading Martial Art and Travel – Do something ordinary!

Skiing at ChangBaiShan (CBS) International Resort (万达长白山国际度假区)

Skiing at ChangBaiShan (CBS) International Resort (万达长白山国际度假区) Skiing is quickly becoming a sport of mass popularity in China, much like golf in the 1990s. Finally, in 2012, China opened its biggest and best yet ski resort at the foot of Mount Chang Bai with its 43 slopes – one that can be argued to rival … Continue reading Skiing at ChangBaiShan (CBS) International Resort (万达长白山国际度假区)

South America Click external link to check out this friend's 6-month journey through South and Middle Americas! Excerpt: "After a hectic week doing the last round of preparations, organising the fund raising, catching up with friends and family, hosting my farewell drink, and cramming some last minute spanish lessons, the time has finally come. Although I'm … Continue reading South America

TransEurope cycling (Thanks Neo for the referral!) Here is an interesting example of, quoting the blog, "a corporate ladder kind-of-guy looking for more out of life than, well, just climbing a corporate ladder." See below for some background of the person and click link to see the full sotry! "This blog will chronicle the expeditions of … Continue reading TransEurope cycling