2012年传说的世界末日到来前几天,12月19日至30日,我去参加了Vipassana十天meditation(禅修)课程,十天不说话、不读书不写字,每 天4点起,930睡。一天一天后,眼前的一层灰色的雾慢慢退去,世界的颜色变得越来越明亮。“出来”之后的一个月里,我的很多生活习惯和想法发生了180 度的转弯,多年的拖延症突然就消失了,我经常觉得生活越来越worth living,生命越来越... (click title to continue)


Meditation vacation

Meditation vacation A 'must' for those living the life after banking and looking for the soul. Excerpt: "The guru looked troubled. A spry 75-year-old, who could have passed for 60, he usually wore an expression as pure as his ivory robe. Peering into my cell, he watched as I wept harder than I could … Continue reading Meditation vacation


曾经, 广厦林立间,她铿锵穿过;灯火阑珊时,她锦衣夜行;四季轮替中,她初心深藏;凭海临风处,她梦渡心河; 如今, 荧幕上,她是酷酷的财经观察员,很职业,很专业,很认真,兢兢业业,不苟言笑;银幕下,她是充满勇气追寻梦想的80后女生,很执着,很热情,很开朗,热爱生活,充满正能量。 她是谁?(click title to continue)

Why You Won’t Quit Your Job by Daniel Gulati  |   4:43 PM January 31, 2012 When I began writing Passion & Purpose in 2009, I met Susan, a young woman on the brink of quitting her investment banking job to pursue her lifelong passion of starting a nonprofit. A year later, when I asked how her new venture was going, I was surprised … Continue reading Why You Won’t Quit Your Job


自开天辟地之日,天地间便有一座神山。此山高不见顶,直指苍穹。 据说只有在珠峰顶上抬头仰望,才能依稀看到神山一角。在珠峰顶上仰望神山,会让人有种站在如来佛的手指尖上和如来佛对视的感觉,顿时意识到自己不过是一只毛猴罢了。(click title to continue)

Fight After Banking – Interview with a banker who just resigned to learn martial art!

There is a kong fu hero living within every boy (and girl, sometimes!). I for one, for as long as I can remember, had always been fascinated by sticks, ropes and knives alike – basically anything I can swing about. Playing Street Fighters 2, watching Dragon Ball Z and reading Jin Yong’s novels contributed tremendously … Continue reading Fight After Banking – Interview with a banker who just resigned to learn martial art!