Martial Art and Travel – Do something ordinary! This is a site with stories about and written by Josh, somebody LAB 'interviewed' a year ago (see article here) just before his year-long journey around the world. Get ready to be inspired! See below for some highlights: How to take one year off with minimal interruption to your life and my story! Ask … Continue reading Martial Art and Travel – Do something ordinary!

Where can you learn to program/code?

I'm starting a list of sites that offer courses/info that helps people to learn how to code, will try to add more as I discover them, please drop me a line if you know others which are not listed here!

Skiing at ChangBaiShan (CBS) International Resort (万达长白山国际度假区)

Skiing at ChangBaiShan (CBS) International Resort (万达长白山国际度假区) Skiing is quickly becoming a sport of mass popularity in China, much like golf in the 1990s. Finally, in 2012, China opened its biggest and best yet ski resort at the foot of Mount Chang Bai with its 43 slopes – one that can be argued to rival … Continue reading Skiing at ChangBaiShan (CBS) International Resort (万达长白山国际度假区)


2012年传说的世界末日到来前几天,12月19日至30日,我去参加了Vipassana十天meditation(禅修)课程,十天不说话、不读书不写字,每 天4点起,930睡。一天一天后,眼前的一层灰色的雾慢慢退去,世界的颜色变得越来越明亮。“出来”之后的一个月里,我的很多生活习惯和想法发生了180 度的转弯,多年的拖延症突然就消失了,我经常觉得生活越来越worth living,生命越来越... (click title to continue)

Meditation vacation

Meditation vacation A 'must' for those living the life after banking and looking for the soul. Excerpt: "The guru looked troubled. A spry 75-year-old, who could have passed for 60, he usually wore an expression as pure as his ivory robe. Peering into my cell, he watched as I wept harder than I could … Continue reading Meditation vacation


曾经, 广厦林立间,她铿锵穿过;灯火阑珊时,她锦衣夜行;四季轮替中,她初心深藏;凭海临风处,她梦渡心河; 如今, 荧幕上,她是酷酷的财经观察员,很职业,很专业,很认真,兢兢业业,不苟言笑;银幕下,她是充满勇气追寻梦想的80后女生,很执着,很热情,很开朗,热爱生活,充满正能量。 她是谁?(click title to continue)